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Mold Inspectors and Mold Remediators Update of Important Developments
New Federal Health Study about Mold and Health

Very important:
Please read the 300+ page report [May 25, 2004] on dampness and health problems based on a research study commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control. Read the full report which will have substantial good and bad impact on the mold industry.  Read a very brief report summary.

One of the study’s most important findings is this: ”Excessive dampness influences whether mold, as well as bacteria, dust mites and other such agents, are present and thrive indoors, the committee noted. In addition, the wetness may cause chemicals and particles to be released from building materials.”

For this reason, PCI strongly recommends that all Certified Mold Inspectors should expand their training and certification to include being trained ONLINE as a Certified Environmental Hygienist so that each will be trained and certified for residential and commercial inspection, testing, and remediation of indoor bacteria, dust particles, dust mites, chemical pollutants, and other indoor environmental threats and risks.

By being trained and certified as a Certified Environmental Hygienist, and thus be able to inspect, test, and remediate for ALL of the indoor health problems identified in the Institute of Medicine report, you can advertise this important Certified Environmental Hygienist certification expertise to gain new clients and a competitive advantage compared to regular mold inspectors who concentrate only on mold problems.


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Dampness Study Brief Summary


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